Are taxes more with making less money or more money?

When you make a form of income throughout the year, you are subjected to pay taxes every year before the April 15th deadline. You are then taxed by a percentage depending on how much income you made. Theoretically speaking, the more you make the more you will end up paying in taxes. If you are poor, expect to pay a much lower percentage than those who are rich. Therefore, taxes are much more when you make more. For example, a superstar baseball player in California like Clayton Kershaw, who makes a salary of approximately $35 million, probably pays about $16 million in taxes every year. That is way more than someone who makes $80,000 in California. That person would probably pay around $32,000 in taxes. It would take about 500 people with an $80,000 salary in California to match the taxes paid by Kershaw.

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