What is the California state income tax rate?

The California state income tax rate is a very different rate as opposed to other states. Most states impose one specific rate for all citizens of that state, regardless of income made during that period. This is unless you make below a certain amount. The way the California state tax rate works is that it is similar to the federal tax rates, broken up into various brackets depending on income. The base rate is a 7.5%, which is still pretty high. Then the more you make, the higher the percentage will be. The highest rate is set at 13.3%, which s by far the highest tax rate issued by a state in the whole country. This rate is given to those with an income of $1,000,000 or more. There is no additional local income tax given like the state sales tax, so 13.3% is the highest it can be. California is a very expensive place to live in.

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